9 Reasons why it’s good to Babywear

If you are thinking about babywearing  your baby here are some reasons why is it so great.

  1. Your baby feels more content when they are held close to you.

If you think about it they have come from a warm place where they hear your voice constantly and are continually rocked as you waddled along, into this big scary world. Baby wearing means they are held in a warm place where they can constantly hear your voice and are gently rocked off to sleep by your movement.  All of a sudden the world is a lot less scary.

  1. It can be more healthy for your baby.

When your baby is born their little bodies have to learn how to regulate their temperature, breathing, feeding, digestion……….. Babywearing can mean that all these skills are made just that little bit easier.  Your body warmth will help them to regulate their own temperature, your breathing pattern gives theirs guidance. Being held close to the milk source and having more constant skin to skin contact means feeding cues are promoted and more easily spotted by mum. There is also a benefit in being held in a more upright position as it can help with reflux or just general winding.

  1. It helps develop the parent to baby bond.

There is no doubt that by having your baby close to you where you can see, touch and smell them gets the oxytocin flowing is vital for bonding, milk production and in helping to prevent post natal depression.

  1. Its totally hands free!

A lot of parents can feel very trapped especially when they first have their babies.  By babywearing you can get on with almost anything.  Go for a beautiful walk, do the shopping, play with your older children……… all with your happy, safe baby carefully contained close to you.

  1. Dads can join in.

Dads can often feel very left out or even useless when it comes to the early days of parenting as it seems all baby wants is Mummy.  Baby wearing is something that Dad can enjoy the benefits of as well.

  1. You can breastfeed from them hands free too.

Although it took me until baby number 3 to do it successfully.  Once I had found the right sling and the right method for me I can now breastfeed on the go.  This makes trip to the park a lot easier with the other 2 in tow.

  1. It is easier that you think.

I know all a lot of parents who would say ‘I would love to babywear but I don’t know which sling to get or how to use one correctly’.  It can be tricky at first with all those straps or if you are faced with one long stretch of material but honestly it is easier than you think.  Youtube is a great resource as are the growing number of Sling Libraries, where you can go along and try many different types while getting expert advice on how to use them. (UK Sling Libraries).

  1. It is so practical and useful.

Babies and children can be worn right up until age where they are happier to walk or stand all of the time, any where you go.  This means that long distance walks, festivals, weddings, holidays become all the more practical to do with little ones.  How many times do you decide not to do something because the buggy won’t be practical or the toddler might decide to run off or the preschooler may get tired.  There is a suitable sling to solve all of theses issues plus many slings can easily fit into a small bag or even pocket.  Babies & children can be worn on the front, back or side and little ones can even be forward facing so they and you really do not need to miss out on a thing!

  1. It feels good.

Babywearing is like giving your little one a great big cuddle all of the time and blimey does that feel good.