How do you Choose a Baby Carrier?


Selecting the ‘right’ baby carrier for you and your baby can be a tricky business!  There are wraps, ties, stretches, buckles, fasteners and rings.  How can you possibly decide??

I have tried and tested pretty much every type out there and one thing I guarantee is that no ‘one size fits all’.  They all have different features and benefits so it very much depends on what you want to use one for and what is most important to you.

After supporting many many parents find the best carrier for them I believe it is down to 3 main elements:

Ease of Fit, Versatility & Soft and Snuggliness!

Yes of course there are other factors to consider such as price and and medical conditions of either carrier or baby but in the main I have found these 3 factors point most parents in the right direction at least.

Ease of Fit

As it says really how easy is it to put on, does it need much adjusting and will I be able to put it on with my baby safely  inside quickly when your late for the school pick up??!

I find something like the Integra to be one of the most easy to fit, plus it is a slip it in your bag kind of sling. I once timed myself putting it on and I could do it in less than 30 seconds!


Some carriers are more versatile than others so for example some are suitable right from birth to 3 years old while others are designed more specifically for a certain age. Also some are super flexible in terms of how a baby can be positioned in them while others can only hold the baby in a few different ways.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 has been designed so it is adaptable right from birth to around 3 years and can carry your baby inward facing, outward facing, on your hip and on your back.

Soft & Snuggly

Slings can be made out of all sorts of materials, from stretchy lycra to harris tweed.  How important to you is that the material used is soft and cozy around your baby’s body? The softer the material usually the snugger the fit which certainly has it s benefits especially at the newborn phase.

A stretchy or woven wrap is certainly the best way to get the most soft and snuggly fit, plus you can wrap these in many different ways to accommodate different bay weights and carrying preferences. I love the Hana wrap for its stretchy soft material plus it is available in organic cotton too!

So how do you make a choice?

The issue is that no one carrier excels at all of the above, all of the time, and let’s also not forget the importance of cost as well.  For example the most snuggly slings and not the most easy to fit and the most easy to fit may not be the most versatile.  My advice is to choose your priority from the 3 elements and look at carriers which are most suited to that, after all you can learn how to tie a wrap quickly and easily by studying a few youtube videos or enlisting the help of a baby wearing consultant.

Whatever your preference babywearing is a beautiful, practical and sometimes sanity saving way to nurture your offspring, give it a go it is easer than you think.

Sarah x