The extra little things I love about my Connecta Sling

I have tried a lot of baby carriers and to be honest most are good, some are fantastic but all I tend to compare with my Connecta.  These are some of the times when I just love the Connecta for giving me that little extra, an unexpected bonus benefit.

1. How small they pack down. 
I can literally put one of these in my coat pocket.  Granted it is a largish cost pocket but still.  There is always room in a bag for those ‘just in case’ moments.

2. How fast they are to put on.
Seriously and how easy too. Clip round waist pull tight, place baby in, pass each strap in turn over your shoulder, cross and clip in, tighten so baby is correctly supported making sure both straps are of equal length.

3. How I can take off my Connecta without taking off my coat.
I love this one.  Baby in, coat on, get back to the car baby out, Connecta off, coat still on! No coat/carrier battle.

4. How easy they are to adjust, especially for breastfeeding.
Only 2 straps to tighten and loosen.  Now I appreciate some may like additional, adjustable straps but for me speed is a need and the fact I tighten check the length and go is a massive benefit.

5. How good they look.
They really do, people comment on it all the time.  I have a liberty print and it looks fab with everything I wear.  I also love how the head support folds down to continue the print.

6. There is nothing unnecessary.
There is nothing at all on these slings that is not needed.  You do not need a 10 minute demonstration on how to use them,  totally uncomplicated.

Simple, affordable, easy to use and carry your little one close enough to kiss.