Who is babywearing for anyway?

Who can babywear? Why babywear? It’s just for earthy type mothers, right? Plus, doesn’t babywearing make babies clingy?

I talk to people all the time who think that babywearing is something you have to ‘commit to’, something that only breastfeeding mothers do.

It is one of my aims to to break away from the stereotype and show how easy and accessible it is.  Maybe even the term babywearing is wrong?  Is it too directive, defined? Maybe we ought to change it to ‘baby carrying’, as after all we all do this with our babies already.

So, the benefits of baby carrying, with or without a carrier are huge both for baby and parent.  What is the first thing we do when our babies are upset? We pick them up to settle them, so imagine how your baby might feel being carried all/most or some of the time?

Have you ever been rushing around the house or out doing the shopping trying to get everything done before the baby wakes up? I know I have and while baby carrying does not mean your baby will be asleep whenever you want them to be they will be much more content and you will have your handsfree to play snap for the 100th time with your toddler.

But do you know what, even if the only time you could do with a handsfree baby carry is for the daily dog walk or a weekly trip to the supermarket there is a carrier to suit you.

Plus babywearing does not only mean wrapping a long piece of material around your body encompassing both you and your baby.  It is also the very simple to use buckle carrier which fits much like a rucksack!

So who is babywearing for?  Well it is for whoever carriers your baby or toddler or preschooler, and it is for whenever you find it useful to carry them.

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Sarah x