Why Babywear

We all carry our children, whether it is to comfort them, keep them safe while we cross the road, get them off to sleep or to lift them up so they can see things more easily and be more involved. Babywearing just makes carrying your little one easier, more practical, comfortable and totally hands free!

There are many studies that highlight the benefits of carrying your child. Babywearing can help newborns to regulate their temperature and breathing, they are more settled, more independent, cry less, it can aid brain development and can help them feel more ‘a part’ of what’s going on around them.

There are also many huge benefits for you too; your hands are free to catch up on daily chores or play with your other children, you know your baby is safe, you can go where buggies cannot and you can enjoy soft, cosy warm cuddles all day long.

From other mums, why I love to babywear...

"With a nearly 3-year old (and one on the way), I think the sling is as essential as nappies!!"

"I have my hands free to manage my toddler knowing baby is safe"

"having a more content baby...who was put at ease by your presence always without having to look for reassurance"

"I love how personal and natural it feels"

Choosing the right baby sling

Choosing a baby sling can be tricky, there are many different types and brands out there all of which have different straps and buckles, fabrics and sizes. It is important that you choose the one which suits you and your needs the best, otherwise you may not enjoy fully its true benefits.

At Sling Baby we aim to help you make this decision effectively. There are three main elements to consider:

Easy to Fit

How Easy to Fit would you like it to be?

Do you need something which is super-fast to put on, or are you happy to take more time putting it on if it gives you a slightly better fit?


How Versatile is it?

Would you like a carrier which is suitable from birth though to toddlerdom or something which is more specific to your babywearing needs now?

Would you like a carrier which allows your baby to be carried in many different positions, outward facing for example?  Or are you happy for them to always be facing you if it means the cost is slightly lower?

Soft & Snuggly

How Soft & Snuggly would you prefer?

There are many different material types that baby carriers can be made out of which makes a huge difference to both the softness around your baby’s body, but also the snuggly fit of the sling. Would you prefer something extra soft and fitted if it means you take slightly longer putting it on?

All of the Sling Baby carriers have been rated against these three aspects based on feedback from many different parents’ experiences, in order to help you make the best choice for you and your baby.

Still unsure? Why not hire a carrier from Sling Baby first as a part of our ‘Try Before You Buy’ scheme? If you hire from Sling Baby your hire cost is deducted from whichever carrier you go on to buy from us, so there is nothing to lose!

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