Why book a babywearing consultation?

Surely all baby carriers are similar and with a little bit of fiddling about you can work out how to use them? Well, yes, this is true………. kinda.

But you’ve just had a baby or you have a niggly 18 month old so the last thing you want to do is read through a manual to try to work out which strap goes where.

Plus I thought I knew a thing about baby wearing and the carriers I used, and in the main, yes, I did. My baby was always calm and comfortable and certainly benefitted from the closeness. But now that I know a whole lot more about the art and science of baby carrying, plus I have tried on many many different types, there are quite a few things I would have done differently.

So what are the benefits of having a babywearing consultation?

You will be given advise which is based on both you and your baby’s physiology and needs. For example you may have just given birth, potentially had a c-section so for a baby carrier to work for you it needs to take this into account. Your baby has very important physical, positional and emotional needs which change and develop throughout the early years. A babywearing consultant will give you advise on which carriers and position of carry will best suit both of your needs.

You will be made aware of all the safety aspects of babywearing. Baby wearing is an extremely safe thing to do, in fact, it directly benefits you and your babys health. There is proof that fewer mums suffer with post natal depression if they babywear and babies benefit from enhanced neurological and emotional development as well as basic health needs. However, like with most things, there is an ‘optimal’ way to babywear. A babywearing consultant will go through all the safety aspects specifically around your choice of carrier and age of your baby.

You will have the opportunity to look at, discuss and try on many different types and brands of baby carrier. There are 5 main types; Woven wrap, stretchy wrap, Mei Tai, ring sling and buckle carrier. They all offer different benefits to you and your baby and some will suit your needs better than others. There is a lot of benefit in being able to try on and even hire a baby carrier before you decide what to buy. A babywearing consultant has the knowledge and experience to understand your needs and will be able to help you decide which carrier will suit you the best. Plus they will have a car load of different types for you to try on!

You will have the full attention of the baby wearing consultant. Unlike in a shop or at a toddler group where there are a number of things going on to distract. In a consultation you will be given the time to discuss all aspects you want to around babywearing but also the space you need if your little one is hungry or tired etc. A babywearing consultant will make sure that you and your baby are comfortable and content and that includes any nappy changes or cups of tea!

You will learn things about baby wearing that you may not find out from the instruction book. While the instruction manuals are a very good place to start and I recommend you always read them they cannot offer bespoke information and advise. There are many little adjustments or tips & tricks that can be used to make sure that your baby carrier fits your body shape, its purpose and your babys needs in the best possible way. This is usually, most effectively done one to one. A babywearing consultant will support you all the way through your babywearing journey and offer suggestions and ideas to make it as smooth and beautiful as possible.

All in all a babywearing consultant is trained, experienced, supportive, passionate about babywearing, well equipped and will work with you based on you and your baby individual needs to find the best baby carrier for you both.

Then you can enjoy your snuggles, have more flexibility whilst out and about, gentally rock your baby off to sleep hands free and enjoy the incredible bonding that babywearing brings.

If you would like more information please contact me through my Facebook page Sling Baby.

Sarah x